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What You Need To Know About Gazumping in Leicester

What is Gazumping? | MoneymanTY

Gazumping? – Have you ever been excited to purchase a property, did all your research? Had a verbal offer accepted from the agent? Perhaps even worked on the mortgage arrangement? Then suddenly you are informed that the seller has accepted a better offer from another seller? You got gazumped.

Suppose you have faced this situation or even if you are new in the market. This article will explain to you everything related to gazumping. It’s a terrible thing to have to happen to First Time Buyers in Leicester.

Legality of Gazumping

In England and Wales, gazumping is perfectly legal in the property business since the agreement for property buying or selling. It does become legally binding once the contracts are exchanged and signed. Till then, no party is liable for any verbal agreement made.

It is common to have a delay of several weeks between the verbal agreement between the buyer and seller of the property.

The actual agreement to be signed due to various factors like property survey. Conveyancer running the required searches, and receiving a mortgage offer. It is during this period that the seller can accede to another buyer’s offer.

In any case, this usually happens for properties with higher demands which in turn increases that property’s worth. It is also possible that the seller chooses someone else’s offer in preference of yours, especially if you have delays at your ends like a mortgage application where the seller is keen to sell the property quickly.

Can I find a way to avoid being Gazumped?

While there is no fool-proof method not to be gazumped, going in prepared and taking specific steps will lessen the probability of being gazumped.

While you may not be able to arrange everything arranged beforehand, you can make provisions for surveys. Find surveyors in advance, and other related elements of purchase to be able to complete these steps quicker.

Before looking for properties, you can get a mortgage agreement in principle—a conditional offer for you to receive a mortgage if certain conditions get met. In any case, this helps to quicken the mortgage process at the later stage.

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Find a conveyancing solicitor ahead of time with whom you want to work alongside. Since any payments to the seller are to get made through a conveyance solicitor. It will help you as a buyer to get the money to them quicker.

Ask the seller to take the property off the market as part of the offer. While a seller if not required to take the property off the market before any legal documents. It is helpful, and many sellers are willing to do so mainly in flat housing market areas.

Why not ask getting a preliminary (also known as lock-in, lock-out, or exclusivity) agreement from the seller.

In any case, this obliges the seller not to get involved in the negotiations for the same property. For a certain period while you work on the mortgage and other property buying requirements.

Lastly, you can also buy insurance which will cover your losses if you get gazumped.

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