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KFC Friday | It’s Mortgage Broker Good

During these festive times, we celebrated a job well done in our employee’s success. In achieving a set group target aimed towards customer satisfaction. Those who know customer satisfaction is the heart of the company. We value, and strive to prioritize the upkeep of 5-star service to everyone who approaches us.

Every day our Admin and Advisor staff work to maintain this standard to give nothing but the best for our customers. Its reasons like this, we see many familiar faces when customers come back to us. Looking to remortgages their property for some home improvements in Leicester.

This dedication and high standard of company values upheld on a day-to-day basis led to the decision. That our Directors think a KFC Friday was well-deserved for all the team, with nothing on the menu off-limits.

Employee Appreciation | Mortgage Advisor in Leicester

It is days like these where we take a step back to appreciate all our hard-working employees like:

  • Marketing Department,
  • Admin Staff,
  • Case Handlers,
  • Mortgage Advisors in Leicester.

Without each department bringing their strengths to the side and making the company what it is today. We wouldn’t be receiving the brilliant reviews which we receive on a day-to-day basis, here is one of the most recent reviews we received for our Leicester branch:

Genuine Reviews | Mortgage Advisors in Leicester

“The advice I have received from Matt has been invaluable. Our situation was very complex but with Matt’s advice the process was greatly simplified.”

Lee Preston

It is because of these reviews that we are still ongoing. We get told that new customers come to us based on previous reviews that they have seen. Once again, we would also like to thank our amazing customers for their loyalty and kindness. If you would like to see our customer reviews, please check out our customer reviews page.

When it comes to our customers. We take pleasure in being a part of your journey of finding your dream home. If you need some 5-star Mortgage Advice in Leicester. Feel free to contact us, and we’ll see how we can help you too!

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