Mortgage Agreement in Principle in Leicester

Looking for a Mortgage Agreement in Principle in Leicester ?

A Mortgage Agreement in Principle or AIP is a written estimate from a mortgage lender.

A mortgage agreement in principle does not tie you to a particular ‘mortgage deal’ but is simply providing you with an indication of how much money you can to borrow when you are looking to buy a new property. (It won’t affect your credit score. We only make checks once you make a full mortgage application). 

Having an AIP also provides with an indication of how much you can actually afford, helping you to decide which properties you can look at in your property search. 

With the ‘mortgage agreement in principle, you can then demonstrate to vendors and estate agents that you’re a creditworthy buyer. That you have passed the lenders credit score an (in theory), and obtain a mortgage.

Mortgage Agreement in Principle (AIP)

If you know anyone who works for a bank or building society and talk to them about a Mortgage Agreement in Principle, then they will likely tell you; just “how long it can take to get an appointment with a Mortgage Advisor” at certain times. This can take anything from a few days to several weeks – not exactly Responsive! … and probably not what want you want to hear when you are looking to arrange your mortgage.

Same Day Mortgage Appointment

Mortgage Agreement in principle - mortgage appointmentWe have Mortgage Advisors available here at Leicester Money Man, for same-day appointments. So if you have found a house you are interested in or have booked a viewing on one or would simply like to know what type of mortgage you qualify for and which mortgage will suit you best, then you can speak with a CeMap qualified expert with us at short notice.

You will be able to start your mortgage enquiry quickly and easy, online. Provide a few simple details online with some basic information, then once we have assessed your details and requirements, we can recommend the most suitable mortgage lender for your particular requirements.

Credit Checks

Its normal for a credit check to be carried out by the Lender but it’s not unusual at all for us to be able to obtain a ‘Mortgage Agreement in Principle’ for you on the same day as your enquiry.

From this point, you will then have your mortgage agreement principle agreed and can make an offer on the property. You will be better placed than other people viewing the property who have not taken this step and the Estate Agent can put your offer forward as a “qualified purchaser”, e.g. you are in a good position from which to proceed.

So if you are looking for a Mortgage Agreement in Principle in Leicester, this will hopefully help you with your successful negotiation on the house sale price once you decide to make an offer!
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