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Buying a New House in Leicester

Mortgage Advice in Leicester

Being a First Time Buyer in Leicester is the biggest purchase you will probably ever make. Don’t rush into buying a house, you need to be sure it ticks all the boxes of what you are looking for and need. Also, be sure to ask a few insightful questions to find out more.

We’ve put together a shortlist of questions to ask the seller:

1. How much interest has been shown in the house

When buying a brand new house there tends to be a higher demand, you may need to act quickly to ensure that you secure the plot.

Try to find out how many have already viewed the house to find out if there is any other ‘competition’ with the house.

2. Is there a chain

If there is no chain, you would likely be able to move quickly, if you also are not in a chain or a first-time buyer in Leicester you will also be a desirable buyer to the seller as the sale could be completed quickly. This can provide you with an advantage, be sure to use this during your ‘negotiations’

3. Included in the Sale?

New homes can often come with ‘extras’ to incentivize you to buy the house. But also older homes can come with items unwanted or offer by the seller.

It’s wise to check just to clarify, are things like cookers, fridges, and carpets, for example, could be included in the sale (or offered at an additional price). Make sure you clear as you may be left with unwanted items that you then need to remove and dispose of.

4. What are your new neighbors like

It can be best to try and find out a little about your new neighbours, (we have all heard stories about ‘neighbours’) so try to gain some insight into your new neighbours. On new building developments, this may be a little more difficult.

5. What is the Local Area Like?

Look past the house of your dreams, you will also need to know what the local area is like. How close are the local shops?

What sort of amenities are nearby, Gyms, restaurants, bars, community hall, local transport links? What are the schools like, important if you have or plan to have a family? 

It all depends on what your personal lifestyle is like / will be in the future. Although your solicitor will carry out conveyancing searches, you’ll still have to pay for the service. It pays to find out about the local area and what is relevant to you.

6. Running Costs

Running a home has associated costs. Heating, lighting, council tax, water (newer homes tend to have a water meter). These days people tend to be more aware of home running costs and will usually have some insight or ask about the running costs of the home. 

7. Garden

We don’t always have a perfect summer but many people like to spend time in the garden. If you like to spend time in your garden, then you may wish to check how well the natural light enters your garden and whether it’s south-facing etc.

8. Home Improvements

Generally, when you move into your new home, you will often want to decorate to your own tastes, but what other work needs to be done. On older properties, you may have some ‘fixes’ or repairs to make. Or make improvements to energy efficiency, insulation, garden work etc.

9. Remedial Fixes

When buying an older property, there may be items that need repair. If there are any issues identified you can request the seller fixes these before the sale goes through (or reduces the price). In the case of new homes, there can sometimes be some minor repairs required after you move in due to settlement, etc, or simple faults you identify after you move in.

But ensure you report these within any given time limits. So when you are buying your new home whether its a new build or older property, be sure to ask the questions you need to know about the house, also remember to negotiate your buy price, don’t be too keen and offer to high to start with and remember to consider other factors such as when you would be able to move in and that fits your expectations. 

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