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Specialist Mortgage Advice in Leicester

Specialist mortgage advice in Leicester tailored for your financial situation.

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We look at solutions for specialist mortgages in Leicester for complex situations.

Obtaining a mortgage can be a little more difficult than you might initially believe it to be and can oftentimes require a bit of creative thinking.

As a well trusted mortgage advisor in Leicester with a lot of experience in working with complex mortgage circumstances, it’s not very often we find a situation we haven’t seen before in some capacity. We will use the knowledge we have gained to further you along the mortgage process in any way we can.

We have a large amount of specialist mortgage lenders on hand, many with very niche mortgage deals that are more appropriate for home buyers who are maybe struggling to get a mortgage, perhaps because they can’t quite meet the mortgage criteria.

Utilising the services a Specialist Mortgage Advisor in Leicester during the course of your mortgage process, especially if you’re finding it quite challenging, maybe very beneficial to you. We aim to make sure you come out with the best deal for your situation, something we’ll work very hard to achieve.

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Specialist Mortgage Advice in Leicester

Our service may benefit you when looking for specialist mortgage advice in Leicester.

We regularly speak to customers the high street bank have happened to decline at the very last minute. This can sometimes be so last minute that the mortgage process is already happening and then they’re dropped without being given a proper explanation as to why.

In times where this sort of thing happens, the mortgage advisors working at the bank should’ve seen the issues that caused the drop before the process had gotten so far, properly checking over your case and making sure that you matched the criteria for that mortgage.

Because of the banks oversights, a lot of customers can unfortunately be left short of the money they already put into everything, causing them to be understandably quite annoyed. If you don’t fully know the criteria for the mortgage beforehand, you may actually leave yourself unable to get a mortgage at all. Mortgages are quite tricky!

Do not worry, as we have a vast wealth of experience in dealing with customers are going through a complicated mortgage process. If this feels like your situation, please feel free to book yourself in for a free mortgage appointment with one of our expert mortgage broker in Leicester today.

What is bad credit for a mortgage in Leicester?

Take charge of your financial future in Leicester and safeguard it by effectively managing your credit score. The consequences of late payments can be detrimental, leaving a mark on your rating and creating a negative credit history. The severity of the impact is determined by the number and types of missed payments.

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FAQs for Specialist Mortgage Situations in Leicester

Can I remove a CCJ from my credit file in Leicester?

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When confronted with a County Court Judgment (CCJ), it’s essential to act promptly. Timely repayment is of utmost importance in this situation. By settling the outstanding balance within 30 days, you can have the CCJ removed from your credit file by the court. However, failure to pay within this specified timeframe will result in the CCJ remaining on your credit report for a prolonged period of six years. Taking proactive steps in financial management will empower you to maintain a favorable creditworthiness in Leicester.

When should debt consolidation in Leicester be considered?

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Discover the untapped potential of your home through tailored remortgaging options designed to meet your unique needs. Remortgaging offers homeowners the opportunity to unlock equity, providing access to capital for various purposes, from renovating your home to supporting loved ones on their property journey.

If you find yourself facing financial challenges and have exhausted other avenues, it might be worth considering debt consolidation in Leicester. While this decision requires careful thought, remortgaging to consolidate debt can simplify your monthly expenses into a more manageable payment.

We provude expert mortgage advice in Leicester and provide transparency and comprehensiveness. We understand that each individual’s circumstances are different, which is why we’ll thoroughly assess your situation and guide you in making an informed choice about whether debt consolidation is the right option for you.

It’s important to exercise caution when securing additional debts against your home. By incorporating unsecured debts into your mortgage, which is secured against your home, failure to meet the necessary repayments could put your home at risk.

Although the total monthly cost of servicing your debt may decrease, the overall repayment cost may increase due to the extended duration of your mortgage compared to the original debts.

Do you require a specialist mortgage advisor in Leicester?

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Explore the expertise of Leicestermoneyman, where our committed mortgage advisors in Leicester hold exclusive access to a diverse array of specialist deals. With each lender adhering to unique mortgage lending criteria, our mortgage advisors in leicester possess the skills to adeptly navigate these options, ensuring we discover the most suitable deal tailored to your requirements.

You can place your trust in our knowledgeable team of mortgage advisors in Leicester, as they provide recommendations based on your individual financial circumstances. We deeply understand the significance of finding the perfect mortgage deal that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Should concerns about your credit score be weighing on your mind, obtaining an up-to-date copy of your credit report becomes imperative. During your complimentary initial mortgage appointment, we will leverage this information to gain a deeper understanding of your situation, allowing us to explore how best we can assist you in achieving your mortgage aspirations.

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Our Simple Mortgage Process

Free 30-Minute Mortgage Appointment

Step 1

Discuss what you are looking to achieve with a trusted mortgage advisor in Leicester.

During your free mortgage appointment with a mortgage advisor in Leicester, you will be asked about your income and expenses to determine your maximum affordability.

We Can Search 1000s of Mortgage Deals

Step 2

We search through 1000s of deals to find the most suitable option for your current circumstances.

If needed, the next step is to armed you with an agreement in principle, which can be used to support any purchase offers you make.

Submit Your Mortgage Application

Step 3

Once you accept a purchase offer, your mortgage advisor in Leicester will proceed to submit your full mortgage application and relevant evidence documents to your lender.

Throughout the process, your dedicated case manager will keep you informed until you receive your mortgage offer and complete your purchase.

Protecting You and Your Mortgage

Step 4

Our service goes beyond merely obtaining the best deal. We will also advise you on relevant insurance policies to safeguard you and your family financially.

We will contact you again several months before your mortgage is due for renewal to ensure that you are still on the most favorable deals.

Reasons to Choose us

Free Mortgage Appointment

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We sincerely hope that by providing you with a high quality mortgage advice service, such as the one we are wont to provide, that you will go into your new house with a truly fantastic mortgage deal that matches up with your personal needs and current financial situation.

As a company that has garnered quite the reputation for providing a top tier, open & honest mortgage advice in Leicester, we will be there by your side throughout every single step of your mortgage journey. Get in touch with us today and get yourself booked in for your free initial mortgage appointment with a hard working and dedicated mortgage advisor in Leicester.

1000s of Deals

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Here at Leicestermoneyman we have a lot of different specialist mortgage lenders on panel, each with specific and unique mortgage lending criteria that we can match customers up against in order to help them achieve their mortgage goals.

Our team of experienced mortgage advisors in Leicester will use their extensive knowledge of specialist mortgages, that they have obtained through a great deal of years in the mortgage world, so that they can recommend the absolute best mortgage deal they can for a customers circumstances.

Our Service

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If you are concerned about the current state of your credit score, then we highly recommend that you look into obtaining an up-to-date copy of your credit report.

This will be very useful for your free initial mortgage appointment, as what is on your credit report will give us a stronger impression of what you are like, what you are hoping to achieve and which deals might potentially be better suited for you.

7 Days a Week

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We are always on your side, working for you and only you. We will always put you first. During your mortgage process we are responsible for you and the outcome. As such, we will always have your best interests at heart.

Our team of fast & friendly mortgage advisors will always try to make sure that you receive the best possible mortgage advice service, keeping you well informed from start to finish, being as responsive as we can for you.

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We Search 1000s of Specialist Mortgage Deals in Leicester

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Specialist Mortgage Scenarios in Leicester`

An In-Depth Look at Specialist Mortgage Scenarios

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When an applicant of a mortgage is going through quite a challenging process and can’t seem to find a lender that will accept them for a mortgage, we will be on hand to provide them with all the necessary expert mortgage advice we can offer, guiding and supporting them through their whole journey.

As a Mortgage Broker in Leicester that has a lot experience of working within the world of mortgages, we have spoken to a great deal of customers through the years, all of whom have very different and unique circumstances.

Property Down Valuation

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A Property Down Valuation occurs when you have had somebody perform a property survey on the home you’re looking to buy, only for you to find out that the offer you made (that was already accepted) is actually above how much the property’s value.

This type of situation is not impossible, it just makes it a lot more challenging and it is very likely that your lender will pull out of your deal because of this. If you are somehow able to make up the difference between your offer and how much the property is actually worth, then you might have something the lender can work with.

Divorce & Separation Mortgage Advice

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If your relationship goes awry and you end up getting divorced or separating, making arrangements for your mortgage can be quite a difficult task. You need to ensure you get on with this as quick as you can, as you will find it more challenging as time passes.

Remove a Person From a Mortgage

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Relating to the aforementioned mortgage situation, if you are getting divorced or separated, it is likely you will want to remove your own name or your ex-partner’s name from the mortgage that you are both currently paying for.

Depending on your ability to afford the mortgage and how stable your finances are, your options will be quite limited going forward, as a lender will prefer to have two incomes over one lot of income and will be hesitant about reducing their own financial security.

Single Name Mortgages for Married Applicants

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If you’re married and are looking to take out a mortgage on a home for both yourself and your partner, you’ll find that it’s probably preferred from the lenders point of view, that both of you are named on the mortgage, though obtaining a mortgage in your sole name may still be possible.

Shared Ownership

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The Shared Ownership Scheme is a great tool for helping mortgage applicants by having the mortgage taken out as a share, being a percentage of the property. We generally find that this will be between 25%-75%, though in some cases the figures may be different.

Whoever owns the remaining part of the share (which tends to be a local authority), will have to be paid a monthly rental fee to cover the costs, whilst you simultaneously pay back the mortgage balance.

Professional Mortgages

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Professional mortgages are only able to be accessed by certain professions across the UK. It is a rather specialist area of the mortgage market, so we would highly recommend that you get in touch with a specialist mortgage advisor in Leicester to learn more.

Second Home Mortgages

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If you are making plans to obtain a mortgage on a further property, you will need to prove to the mortgage lender that you are financially capable of covering the costs of two mortgage payments at the same time. We can help you get prepared for this.

Holiday Home / Let Mortgages

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Holiday lets function in a similar way to how buy to lets do, though the key difference between the two is that buy to lets will usually have long term tenants, whereas holiday lets typically only have occasional tenants for short amounts of time.

Because of the nature of what they are, you may not be able to rent out your home at all during holiday off-seasons. Your mortgage lender will need the utmost confidence in your abilities to keep up your mortgage payments no matter what the seasons are like, whether your property is occupied by a tenant or not.

New Build Mortgages

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New builds tend to be quite costly investments compared to properties of previous eras. If you’re finding the idea of saving up for your initial deposit to be quite challenging at the moment, you may be better suited for using the Help to Buy Equity Loan Scheme to help give you the push you need to get onto the property ladder.

Non-Standard Construction Property Mortgages

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A ‘non-standard’ property what we would call a property that is not built the ‘normal’ way, i.e., with bricks or mortar.

For a home buyer to obtain a mortgage and purchase a home like this, you will need to make submit an application for a very specialist mortgage deal. When looking at these, we would also highly suggest that you get a full structural property survey.

Multiple Applicant/House of Multiple Occupation Mortgages

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HMO mortgages are another version of buy to lets that will typically have something around the region of 4-6 tenants, in a similar way to how student housing works. HMOs are often quite difficult investments. We think you would greatly benefit from taking out specialist buy to let mortgage advice in Leicester before you get started with a HMO.

Mortgages Past Retirement Date / Lifetime Mortgages

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You may possibly be able to release some of the equity that has been built up in your property over time. To turn this equity into cash, you’ll need to take out something called a lifetime mortgage, though this is only possible if you are past the age of 55.

We suggest that homeowners looking to do this get in touch with an experienced mortgage broker in Leicester for any specialist mortgage help regarding this.

Offset Mortgages

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Offset mortgages will place a savings account alongside your mortgage to run at the same time. This mortgage type is great way that customers could be able to access competitive interest rates and mortgage products with a selection of different mortgage lenders.

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