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Right to Buy Mortgage Advice in Leicester

Mortgage Advisors in Leicester

Are you based in Leicester and living in a council property? If so, you may have the opportunity to buy your home under the Right to Buy Scheme in Leicester.

The Scheme entitles you to buy a property at a discounted price, and therefore, instead of paying rent each month, you’ll be spending a mortgage towards a new home.

If you are new to the Right to Buy Scheme in Leicester and would like guidance, come and talk to our experience Mortgage Advisors in Leicester.

Right to Buy Mortgage Advice to buy your council house

Because we are used to dealing with the Right to Buy mortgages, we can talk you through the whole process.

If you weren’t aware of the Right to Buy Scheme in Leicester, it might be worth contacting your local council to check your eligibility. They will be able to help you to get on the right track and start the process.

Once this gets completed, you should receive a Right to Buy an offer from them, highlighting what the prices of the property will be when the Scheme is in place. The offer usually holds an expiry date, so you will need to come and see us in plenty of time before the period ends.

After this has taken place, we will provide you with a free mortgage consultation, taking account of your details so that we can understand your situation. Once we have done this, the search for the market can begin.

How do I find out if I qualify for a Right to Buy discount?

To qualify for the Right to Buy discount, you should have been in your council property for three years, regardless of whether this is continuous.

The Right to Buy discount won’t be available to you if any of the following apply:

  • The property in question is not your main home.
  • You share facilities, i.e., kitchen or bathroom.
  • You’re on an introductory tenancy.
  • A court order got issued asking you to vacate.
  • You’re subject to an undischarged bankruptcy.
  • There are creditors that you owe outstanding money.

Exceptional living circumstances may also not be accepted, i.e., selected housing for the elderly or a specific sector, and it will get taken.

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